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Grani L0 Specialty Colombia Granja Paraiso B250gr

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Granja Paraiso 92 is one of the most innovative and forward-looking farms in Colombia. Located in the area of Piendamó, Cauca, this family farm is run by Wilton Benitez, a man with a lifetime of experience in the cupping, growing and production of specialty coffees and the brain behind the world-known process “Thermal Shock”. Wilton’s coffees are characterised by an hyper-focused, vivid and subtle explosion of flavours that get everyone’s perplexed and excited about how coffee can taste. This lot has been awarded as Best single origin Espresso “Gold Medal” (Tropical Nectar) and Best Micro Lot "Gold Medal" (Tropical Nectar) at the Australian International Coffee Awards 2022.

VARIETAL: Orange Bourbon.

REGION: Piendamò.

FARM: Granja Paraiso 92.

ALTITUDE: 1930 m.

PROCESS: Double Anaerobic Fermentation using lager beer yeasts + Thermal Shock wash.

CUP PROFILE: Vanilla, passion fruit, tangerine, mango, kiwi, tamarind, jasmine, lychee, maple syrup.

Whole beans coffee - 250 g bag.


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