LotZero Specialty Costa Rica Ismael Navarro Anaerobic Bag 250gr

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The coffee farmer Don Luis Campos is widely considered as the inventor of the Anaerobic processing technique in Costa Rica. For the anaerobic fermentation Luis only uses the ripest coffee cherries. They contain the biggest number of sugars necessary for the fermentation process. Then the coffee is pulped and with all its mucilage is placed inside the fermentation tank. Hermetically closed, so no oxygen can influence the flavours of the fermentation process, pressure will build up inside the tanks and the coffee beans and pulp will start fermenting. As fermentation occurs pressure builds and drives the sweet coffee cherry juices through the parchment to make greater contact with the coffee seed resulting in unique flavor characteristics.

VARIETAL: Caturra, Catuai.

REGION: Tarrazu.

FARM: Corralillo.

ALTITUDE: 1750 m.

PROCESS: Anaerobic Fermentation.

CUP PROFILE: Cinnamon, Papaya, Buttery, Malty, Sweet candy, Glazed red apple, Clove.

Whole beans coffee - 250 g bag.


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