30 10 2012 

1. Sphere of application 
The following Conditions of Sale, which have been formulated in compliance with current laws on contracts concluded off business premises, shall govern all orders placed with Sevengrams S.r.l. (Sevengrams) over the Internet. Sevengrams may update or amend them at any time, and will advise the customer of this through the appropriate communication channels. Whenever these general conditions are amended, the customer/consumer shall be responsible for printing and retaining them. The applicable General Conditions of Sale shall be those in effect at the time the order is placed.
By placing an order, the customer confirms that he/she has read, understood and accepted these Conditions of Sale.
Sevengrams therefore asks you to carefully read these Conditions before using the services offered on its website.

2. Purpose of the online contract and its definition 
“Online” sales contract means the legal transaction involving goods and/or services entered into between Sevengrams S.r.l., owner of the "7Gr" trademark, with headquarters at Via Boschetti 6, Milan, and a consumer/customer, by means of an electronic sales system organized by Sevengrams, which for this contract uses exclusively the electronic communications system known as the “Internet.” Therefore, all contracts shall be concluded directly over the Internet at the website http://www.7gr.it/, where, if you desire, you may follow the procedures indicated to enter into a contract for the purchase of products provided by Sevengrams.

3. Registration at the site 
To register on our website, the mandatory information provided must be correct and complete. Sevengrams therefore asks you to be sure you have entered it accurately, and to advise us of any changes in address or other modifications, and to promptly update the personal information you reported when registering.
When registering on this website, a password must be selected. This password will be strictly confidential and should therefore not be divulged to third parties.
You shall be solely responsible for any orders placed using this password, even when they have been made without your knowledge.
Therefore, if you discover or believe that someone else knows or is using your password, you must immediately inform Sevengrams, which will disable it. 

4. Order procedure 
By transmitting an order over the website, you promise to purchase the products selected in compliance with these Conditions of Sale.
Sevengrams offers its products on this site limited to the supplies it has in stock.
The site’s IT system is designed to immediately fill orders, thereby avoiding any unnecessary delays to the customer; its electronic catalogue in fact offers a real time indication of the product’s availability and whether the product is currently out of stock. If an order exceeds the existing quantity in the warehouse, the IT system makes it possible to “check out,” purchase and receive, within set times, only quantities which are in stock. Product availability is not guaranteed on Saturday and Sunday, as the site is not updated then. If two orders are placed at the same time, it may be impossible to update availability. In the latter case, Sevengrams S.r.l. shall advise the purchaser of the unavailability within 72 hours, indicating any wait time for order delivery. If the customer/consumer does not agree to wait for delivery (beyond the term set forth in Art. 6 of Legislative Decree 185/1999), the contract shall be considered terminated and Sevengrams S.r.l. shall immediately refund the payment.
The sales contract is concluded by properly completing and consenting to the purchase through the online agreement, that is by transmitting the order. There is no minimum order requirement. The customer may pay for the goods ordered through the payment services indicated online at the time of purchase 

5. Order confirmation 
When you send your order to Sevengrams, you will receive a confirming email that will constitute a binding obligation to purchase. 
In the event of previous unpaid invoices, or at its own discretion, Sevengrams reserves the right to refuse orders transmitted through its site.
The data registered by Sevengrams constitutes proof of the order and the entire transaction, and the data registered through the payment system constitutes proof of the financial transaction.

6. Sales prices and shipping fees 
The applicable prices for the products ordered are the ones indicated on this site on the date the order is transmitted, and include VAT. Your shipping costs will be invoiced based on the rates indicated on this site on the date the order is sent. Shipping costs vary based on the size of the order and the delivery destination.
Sevengrams reserves the right to change its prices and shipping fees at any time, and may also cancel an order if there are clear errors in the data the system has calculated during the order procedure.

7. Purchaser’s obligations 
Once the online procedure is concluded, you must print and retain a copy of these Conditions of Sale (which must also be reviewed and accepted before making your purchase), as well as print and retain the order transmitted to Sevengrams that contains the specifications for the product being purchased.
It is absolutely prohibited to add false or fictitious information when entering the information required to activate the procedure for executing the contract, and in general in all communications with Sevengrams. If there is a need to ascertain your identity for proper contractual performance, you undertake to provide us with a copy of an unexpired identity document. Failure to comply with a request for documents shall authorize Sevengrams to terminate the contract based on the purchaser’s failure to perform.
It is expressly prohibited to make multiple registrations for the same person or to enter information for third parties. Sevengrams reserves the right to prosecute all violations and abuse, in the interest and for the protection of all users on the site.
By transmitting this order, you hold Sevengrams S.r.l. harmless from all liability arising from the issuance of inaccurate tax documents due to errors in the information you provide, as you are solely responsible for entering this data properly. 

By completing the appropriate area on the payment system website, you authorize Sevengrams to use your credit card or other card issued to replace it, or to debit your current account for the total cost reported for the online purchase, including VAT and shipping fees. The entire procedure takes place over a secure network directly connected to the banking institution that owns and manages the online payment service, to which Sevengrams has no access. If you want to avail yourself of the right to withdraw from the contract as explained in point 14 below of the Conditions of Sale, the amount to be refunded will be credited to the same credit card and/or current account. By entering your general information in the online registration procedure, you authorize Sevengrams to communicate non-sensitive information (such as residence, telephone number, etc.) to the couriers or shippers it uses to deliver the merchandise purchased, so they can be delivered to the proper address. 

9. Payment 
Invoices are sent and paid directly online, and credit card payments are due and collectible immediately. For security reasons, the information from your credit card is encrypted during the transaction.
If your payment is late, you will be charged penalty interest and legal and administrative costs for credit collection. 
Sevengrams reserves the right to refuse any new order from you until you have fully paid any outstanding invoices.

10. Deliveries 
All orders that Sevengrams confirms by email will be delivered to the shipping address you indicate at the time you transmit the order.
Sevengrams and its chosen shipper have agreed that delivery will be made within 2 business days after the order is received. Sevengrams will do everything possible to guarantee compliance with this term for all destinations covered.
Deliveries will not be made outside the locations indicated on this site. 

11. Customs regulations 
Delivery procedures must consider the laws and regulations in effect in the various countries of destination. Keeping in mind that customs regulations differ from country to country, if your orders are subject to any fees or import taxes in the country of destination, Sevengrams asks you to contact local customs offices directly for accurate information before you place your order. You are solely responsible for customs clearance procedures and any additional costs.

12. Examination of goods and responsibility for such 
You are responsible for examining the quantity and condition of the goods at the time of delivery. If you see any problems in the condition of packaging or the quantities ordered, you must report them to the shipper and sign the delivery document with reservations. You will be responsible for informing Sevengrams, within 7 days after delivery, of any problems encountered, so that it can examine your reservations and replace any damaged merchandise or supply any missing merchandise that you ordered. 

13. Acts of God 
Sevengrams cannot be held liable for delays or failures to deliver caused by acts of God. Such circumstances include strikes, natural disasters, wars, or any other event that makes production, transport or delivery of the products impossible.
In case of late deliveries, Sevengrams guarantees compliance with its obligations as soon as possible.

14. Right of withdrawal 
If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have the right to withdraw from your contract with Sevengrams, with no penalty and without having to specify a reason. You thus have the right to refuse merchandise ordered that does not meet your expectations by advising Sevengrams within 14 days after you receive the order.
Sevengrams will accept returns only if the merchandise is in good condition in its original packaging, accompanied by the invoice issued.
If returns are made as described above, Sevengrams will refund the price of the returned goods and the relative shipping costs within 30 days after the return is received. You are fully responsible for the cost of returning the goods. 

15. Contractual termination and express termination clause 
Sevengrams has the power to terminate the contract by means of a notice to you indicating adequate and good cause; in this case, the customer’s sole right shall be the refund of any sums already paid.
The obligations you assumed through Art. 7 (Purchaser’s Obligations), as well as the guarantee of proper payment, are essential terms, so by express agreement, your breach of any of these obligations shall result in the termination of your right to contract pursuant to Art. 1456 of the Civil Code, with no need for a court decision, subject to Sevengrams’ right to take legal action against you to recover any additional damages.

16. Warranty for machines 
Machines purchased through this site are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty in compliance with the specific clauses and conditions set forth in the original documents that you receive with the product.
When ordering these machines through the Sevengrams website, you undertake to read these documents for additional information on the manufacturer’s warranty, which in no case shall prevail over current legal provisions.

17. Technical assistance service 
For any questions or problems that regard the functioning, maintenance or technical assistance service for the machine, contact Sevengrams by telephone or email ( info@7gr.it ) . 
If the problem cannot be resolved, Sevengrams will propose the most appropriate alternatives to meet the need for technical assistance. 
18. Limits of liability 
Sevengrams declines all liability for errors in or omissions of photos or text on this site, as they are published solely for informational purposes.
Sevengrams is not liable for any failure of the products ordered to comply with the laws and regulations of countries other than the country where Sevengrams’ headquarters are located, including cases of electrical or other incompatibility.
In all other cases, refund requests for other reasons may not exceed the purchase price for said products.
Finally, Sevengrams may not be held liable for any consequential, random or consecutive damage of any kind that may be related to its products, their use and the procedures involved in the online transaction, even if the possibility of these damages was or could have been know by Sevengrams.

19. Applicable law and jurisdiction 
These General Conditions of Sale are governed by current Italian law.
Civil disputes regarding the application, execution and interpretation of the online sales contract are subject to Italian jurisdiction and the Courts of Milan.