Packaging is a crucial process in which the fragrance of roasted beans is carefully protected so it arrives intact in the cup where it can be appreciated to full effect.

Our espresso assortment offers three types of packaging: a one-kilo pack of beans, tins contain 250g of coffee beans or ground coffee or single-use filter-paper pods.

During this production stage the coffee blends’ sensory characteristics are sealed-in using machines which extract the air before sealing the pack so that oxygen does not turn the roasted coffee oils rancid.

Although the packaging creates a barrier which preserves the product for more than a year, the product is at its peak during the first 12 months after packaging.


Within that period we can be sure that the product’s sensory characteristics and fragrance stay in line with our quality standards.

7Gr. has set this one-year cut-off as a criterion of transparency towards its consumers. Our production cycle is suitably regulated to ensure the product is consumed while it is still in peak condition.

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