Gratifying a longing


Whenever we feel a longing for an espresso our state of mind prepares itself not only for a leisurely moment but also for the unique pleasure of savouring a fine coffee.
A well-served espresso that gratifies our longing is the best sign of distinctive quality for a café and the crowning moment at the end of a satisfying lunch or dinner in a restaurant.
In fact market studies show that this aspect is the key to success in food-service. Because when two cafés are equally easy to get to, we will always choose the one where we consider the service and product to be the best.
Very many things can affect the quality of an espresso, so it is essential for the owner of a place where espresso is served to consider each stage as equally important in distinguishing his or her premises.
In other words, in order to guarantee the final result, those who provide the blend and those who serve it, under the form of espresso, to the end consumer must aim at a common, quality-led objective.
If this condition is satisfied, the two players will have a clear idea of the roles and activities needed so that the expectations of the final judge of an espresso’s quality, the person who drinks it, are never disappointed.
This collaboration, based on continuous knowledge sharing, will keep the parties consistently in line with the needs of an audience who rewards quality with their customer loyalty.

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