Espresso Lovers



7Gr. wants to engage with its consumers in their capacity as “patrons” who are espresso experts.

In a market that is full of “quality claims” based on experience and tradition, we prefer knowledge as an aid to a relationship that centres around a continuous exchange of competencies, not one that is dominated by the seller.

The only way a company can define a process of continuous innovation and quality is through a similar exchange of information. Through a relationship that doesn’t stop with a purchase but contributes reliably to 7Gr.’s co-creation, imbuing it with values and sharing experiences.

Savouring an espresso is an experience that involves all the senses.


It is also something that should satisfy a desire, not a necessity.
A desire is never banal, nor can it be codified. Satisfying that desire means concentrating all the time on what espresso lovers want and feel.

7Gr. has chosen to talk directly to its consumers, cutting out the middleman. Because we believe what we offer can interest only those who, like us, love coffee – because they know about it or want to know about it – in its simplest yet at the same time most complex form, the espresso.

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