Sweetness, bitterness, acidity, citrusy hints. Vibrant notes of chocolate and caramel, spicy scents, an aftertaste of dried fruit, almond, vanilla.

A little cup of true Italian espresso has more than 800 different aromas. A few sips which divulge stories of faraway lands, of ancient, unique traditions, of skilful hands and rigorous processes that create this tiny masterpiece of flavours, sensations and perfumes.

The word espresso does not indicate a particular quality of coffee bean or a special kind of roast, but a method of brewing ground roasted coffee. This typically Italian coffee-making method is absolutely unique because it succeeds, more than any other, in highlighting and enhancing the characteristics and qualities of the coffee blend, magically revealing its aromas and evoking its origins, journey and history.

A symbol of Italian culture that is loved the world over and still has much to say.

A Rediscovery

la riscoperta_M

The very Italian version of coffee drinking, with its blend of flavour and aroma together with the fascinating ritual of its preparation attracts ever more fans across the world. Enthusiastic devotees, espresso consumers are widespread, multiethnic and from every walk of life. But how many of them really give in to the seductive powers of a very complex beverage rich in nuances...


The Pod


A measured quantity of roasted coffee properly ground and tamped, enclosed in two sheets of filter paper. The coffee pod is the closest you can get to the daily work of an expert barista. A revolution that allows espresso lovers an espresso of consistent quality easily and with no waste, anywhere they like. The aromas of freshly-roasted coffee are protected in inert-atmospher...




If you’ve never been drawn to its sinuous, hazelnut-coloured streaks, if you’ve never been seduced by its thick, velvety foam that caresses the palate and preserves its smooth texture right to the bottom of the cup, if you’ve never been captivated by its perfumes of vanilla and caramel or enchanted by its aftertaste of chocolate and dried fruit … well, you’ve never tasted a rea...


Beyond the Espresso


Our view is that the espresso has everything needed to fully satisfy the drinker’s desire for coffee.   However, there are certain ingredients which can enhance some of a coffee’s qualities without overwhelming them and, therefore, without altering the blend’s sensory profile.   Our training staff will accompany anyone who wishes to set off on path of discovery of these ing...


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questo liquore è un esplosione di sapori, sia ghiacciato che a temperatura ambiente! con il gelato è fantastico... Sevendrops!!!
giulio  17.04.2015

Una bella scoperta anche con la Moka, buonissimo!!
marco  10.04.2015

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