Grani L0 Specialty Costa Rica Molina Bus 250gr

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Finca Francisco Molina is grown in the district of Tarrazú in Costa Rica by Francisco Molina, who learned everything about the coffee trade from his father, Miguel Molina, at an altitude of 1780 meters above the sea level.
Francisco trains his twelve coffee pickers to pick only the most ripe cherries. The process used in the farm is very specific; the coffee cherry is added to the stainless steel tanks with the mucilage left on. The tanks are airtight, and the absence of Oxygen stimulates a Thermic fermentation process. The process develops a unique series of acids such as lactic and malic which will translate to a very complex flavor. Once ready the coffee is 100% sun dried giving the coffee a liquorish-like flavor and a ripe red-fruit-like aroma.

VARIETAL: Red Catuai.

REGION: San Ramon.

FARM: Francisco Molina.

ALTITUDe: 1780 m.

PROCESS: Thermal Fermentation.

CUP PROFILE: Ripe red fruits ad berries, licorish, spices, balsamic, cherry, strawberry, vamilla.

Whole beans coffee - 250 g bag.


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