Grani L0 Specialty Etiopia Chelbessa B250gr

15,40 €

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This delicious organic produced, chemically free lot is delicate and floral. It is everything we want from a coffee grown in Ethiopia’s famous Yirgacheffe region to be. The family owned Chelbessa Washing Station washing station is producing exceptional coffees as farmers are true specialists and are committed to using the best chemical-free cultivation methods. All coffee is selectively hand-harvested before being delivered to the washing station where only the ripest cherries are processed. A long labor and love which result in a truly exquisite cup profile.

VARIETAL: Jarc varieties.

REGION: Gedeb.

FARM: Chelbessa Washing Station.

ALTITUDE: +2000 m.

PROCESS: Fully Washed.

CUP PROFILE: Apple, blueberry, citrus fruit, milk chocolate.

Whole beans coffee - 250 g bag.


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