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Located in the heart of Colombia’s tropical mountains, Finca Samaria is a story of love for coffee and hard work. Since 1930, this family of coffee cultivators produces excellent coffee year after year. Jaime Figueroa Cantillo owns a large plot of land in Garzón, and produces incredibly consistent quality in rather large volumes. He has invested substantial resources into his farm's infrastructure and the quality is immediately obvious. The Tabi varietal is originally born from a hybrid created from varietals Timor, Typica and Bourbon.


REGION: Huila.

FARM: Lucitania Samaria.

ALTITUDE: 1419 m.

PROCESS: Natural with anaerobic fermentation.

CUP PROFILE: Peach, liqueurs, ginger, nuts, red grape, dark chocolate.

Whole beans coffee - 250 g bag.


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