Grani L0 Specialty Guatem Santa Clara Bus 250gr

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The Zelaya family has been growing coffee for over 100 years and four generations. Ricardo is one of the first producers to bring the Geisha variety to Guatemala. This exquisite 100% Geisha coffee has been handpicked by special pickers employed particularly for their skill at selecting only the ripest and most perfect cherries. The method of ‘special’ picking is one that the Zelayas have used to great effect in the lots that they submit to the Cup of Excellence competition. They’ve recently begun to expand their offerings of lots, such as this one, that utilize the same method of picking.


REGION: Antigua.

FARM: Finca Santa Clara.

ALTITUDE: 1600 - 1830 m.

PROCESS: Fully washed and dried in greenhouses.

CUP PROFILE: Lavender, blackcurrant, honey, tangerine, elderflower, Jasmine.

Whole beans coffee - 250 g bag.


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