LotZero Specialty Ethiopia Halo Beriti Bag 250gr

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Halo Beriti is a popular washing station for the local farmers because the washing station itself lies lower than the coffee growing area. This means that when the farmers bring their cherries they can walk downhill with their heavy baskets. The washing station is already 12 years old and each season they rebuild the African beds and sheds. The biggest changes over the years in the interest in alternative processes. In the beginning they did only washed coffees and now they are doing 70% naturals and 30% washed. Overall they are happy with this trend because it’s better for the nature and less work.

VARIETAL: Heirloom.

REGION: Gebed.

FARM: Halo Beriti.

ALTITUDE: 2200 - 2300 m.

PROCESS: Natural.

CUP PROFILE: Tropical fruits notes, Papaya, Mango, Cherry, Lychee, Sweet and clean cup.

Whole beans coffee - 250 g bag.


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