LotZero Specialty Perù Oconal Natural 250gr

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Trendy and fashionable, in-line with the latest trends in the specialty coffee world, a coffee to make all those bartenders happy in search of a delicate, feminine and complex product. A very high cup profile is the result of a slow and controlled drying process, followed by a period in which the coffee beans still covered by the dried berry are left to mature for over 60 days in Yuta bags before the process of milling. We suggest it for V60, filter, cold brew, however some of our customers have fantastic espresso roasts. Chocolate flavor, notes of berries and ripe fruit, floral bouquet, medium-low acidity, medium body, and good persistence.

VARIETAL: Red Bourbon.

REGION: Oxapampa.

FARM: Centro Poblado Oconal.

ALTITUDE: 1650 masl.

PROCESS: Natural.

CUP PROFILE: Chocolate, Ripe Berries, Caramel, Red Fruits, Raisins, Floral Bouquet.

Whole beans coffee - 250 g bag.


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