Grani L0 Fine Robusta Brazil Conilon B250gr

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Lucas Venturim is a fifth-generation coffee producer, and one of the specialty conilon pioneers in Espirito Santo state. His family-owned farm, Fazenda Venturim works mainly with the peeled cherry, but they also produce natural batches, honeys, and for fermentation they process coffee in several ways, including the addition of yeasts like in the case of this specific lot. Once the cherry is pulped, the beans go into fermentation tanks with part of the cascara and pulp. Then an inoculation of wine yeast is made. The coffee has 60 hours of fermentation.

SPECIES: Robusta.

VARIETAL: Robusta Vitória.

REGION: Espirito Santo.

FARM: Fazenda Venturim.

ALTITUDE: 200 m.

PROCESS: Black honey with wine yeast added.

CUP PROFILE: Chocolate, sour cherries, cardamom, laurel, pepper, nougat, grape must, ripe fruit.

Whole beans coffee - 250 g bag.


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