Give gift with an exclusive taste. With 7Gr.’s special packages you can team all the extraordinary flavour of  Time, People and Always with the elegant accessories in glass or porcelain.

34,16 € 
It is very important to choose the right glass in order to fully appreciate a wine’s sensory profile. Similarly, the cup can noticeably influence your experience of savouring an espresso.7Gr.’s coffee blends fully release their precious bouquet of aromas in fine white porcelain cups. Now you can off...
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30,50 € 
Take the unique flavour of 7Gr. coffee blends and add to it a true delight for the eyes in the form of elegant tasting glasses. The perfect gift that “reveals” the many aspects of the perfect espresso – crema, aromas and liquid – as we watch the magic of the extraction from the very first drop.
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questo liquore è un esplosione di sapori, sia ghiacciato che a temperatura ambiente! con il gelato è fantastico... Sevendrops!!!
giulio  17.04.2015

Una bella scoperta anche con la Moka, buonissimo!!
marco  10.04.2015

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