25 05 2010

Espresso is chiefly drunk outside the home.

Espresso gives a rhythm to the day in cafés, offices or restaurants. To many it offers an opportunity to recharge their batteries, a break from the daily routine or even an opportunity for socialising. It has become a deeply ingrained everyday custom in Italy, generating more than 70 million cups of espresso drunk every day.

However, precisely because this custom has a lot to do with ritual and little to do with the product’s chemical/physical characteristics, coffee drinking pleasure often slips into second place.

In cafés and restaurants which choose 7Gr., the coffee-drinking moment reacquires its core value. Not just for the excellence of our coffee blends, but for the professional skills of the person working the coffee machine, someone capable of transforming an espresso into a masterpiece of flavour that makes a lasting impression on the palate.

If, as many people say, we want to create a parallel between espresso and wine tasting, then we must, ipso facto, consider the barista as the go-between that completes a process of quality, a person whose knowledge and professional competence form a combination which is not just theoretical but is put into practice through the creation of a trustworthy supply chain.

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questo liquore è un esplosione di sapori, sia ghiacciato che a temperatura ambiente! con il gelato è fantastico... Sevendrops!!!
giulio  17.04.2015

Una bella scoperta anche con la Moka, buonissimo!!
marco  10.04.2015

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