16 12 2014

The ritual of coffee has an important role into the italian culture and rapresents a daily appointment for staying  jointly. However the care that is given to an “aware” tasting of this beverage and to the hidden history behind a cup of good espresso is too little. 
Coffee Studio born for that: tell, inside a sociability place, about the secrets that are hidden behind the charming world of coffee, from the plant cultivation to the extraction methods.


The Coffee Studio is mainly a specialized shop, where to find selected items for real coffee lovers. Moreover it’s a place of ideas, passion and sharing; dedicated to those who love quality, design and elegance.  Throught events and activities that are conducted inside it, this space wants to be a landmark for those who share a common passion, the site where to promote and diffuse the authentic Italian espresso culture, one of the most representative and appreciated products of our tradition.


Throught Coffee Studio, Sevengrams plans to revitalize its mission and assert the values that has always inspired her: excellence, esclusivity, transparency. Wheter he’s an expert or simply curious, who enter into the Coffee Studio will be warmly welcomed in a world that has nothing for granted, but has always something magic to teach.

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questo liquore è un esplosione di sapori, sia ghiacciato che a temperatura ambiente! con il gelato è fantastico... Sevendrops!!!
giulio  17.04.2015

Una bella scoperta anche con la Moka, buonissimo!!
marco  10.04.2015

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