09 04 2010

The right grind is absolutely essential to ensure perfect espresso extraction.

1. Make sure your espresso machine has reached the right temperature. If you’re about to make the first espresso in the morning, be sure to attach the empty portafilter to the machine, place an empty cup underneath and pump hot water through the portafilter to heat it.

2. Pour the beans into your doser-grinder (not too many beans because oxygen negatively affects coffee, therefore the beans should not be stored in the doser-grinder where their fat content would become rancid and develop undesirable odours) and set the grind to fine.

3. Using your espresso machine’s doser, put the right amount of ground coffee in the portafilter:  7 grams, or about three raised teaspoons.

4. Tamp the ground coffee using a 7Gr. professional tamper  or the one supplied with your espresso machine, making sure you place the bottom of the portafilter (not the underneath spout) on a solid surface and press firmly and evenly on the ground coffee to avoid creating an uneven surface.

5. Use your finger to flick any stray ground coffee off the edge of the portafilter as it could damage the grouphead washers.

6. Mount the portafilter onto the machine and make your 7Gr. espresso. The brew time should take about 25-27 seconds with a fine, continuous flow from the spout to deliver 25 ml into your cup. Otherwise, check the grind: if the brew time is quicker you should use a finer grind to ensure the water extracts the full range of sensory qualities from the coffee. Other possible problems are the dose (less than 7g) or the tamping (too little pressure). If the brew time is too slow (more than 30 seconds) the ground coffee could be too fine and the espresso will be over-extracted. Again, we advise you to check the dose (too much ground coffee) and the tamping (too much pressure).

7. Empty the portafilter immediately after making your espresso so that further espressos will not be affected by undesirable odours.

If you would like to use our beans for making coffee in your traditional Italian coffee maker (moka) remember to set a coarser grind for this type of extraction.

You will gradually learn that regardless of instructions and numbers, the espresso-making ritual has more to do with personal sensitivity towards coffee. Once you have established the right criteria for your perfect espresso remember to rub a little ground coffee between your fingers and try to memorise the sensations it gives you: these will guide you as a true espresso lover.

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questo liquore è un esplosione di sapori, sia ghiacciato che a temperatura ambiente! con il gelato è fantastico... Sevendrops!!!
giulio  17.04.2015

Una bella scoperta anche con la Moka, buonissimo!!
marco  10.04.2015

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