Choosing the right blend


You need more than just blind faith in a brand when choosing the best product for your café or restaurant.
A brand name can help to distinguish a restaurant or café, but understanding the quality you serve in a coffee cup is far more important if you want to retain your customers’ faith in your credibility.

Understanding quality means:

  • Not settling simply for the amount of Arabica and Robusta expressed as percentages.
    These numbers, per se, mean nothing. The things that affect the product’s quality and sensory profile are the varieties of beans used to form the blend, the way the beans were processed and their quality grading. Learn more.
  • Requesting the sensory profile regarding the extraction of that particular blend, specifically in terms of:
    o Sight: crema characteristics.
    o Smell: the directly- and indirectly-perceptible characteristics which make up an espresso’s bouquet.
    o Taste: characteristics of the espresso’s predominant flavour.
    o Touch: mouthfeel perception.
  • Checking the appropriate extraction settings for that blend: grind (which should be checked constantly), dose, brew temperature.
  • Crosscheck the declared sensory profile based on the right extraction settings.

In addition to the blend, you also have to decide which is best product on the basis of espresso consumption in your café/restaurant.

If you make less than 100 espressos per day you should consider whether using coffee beans is the best choice or not. A better alternative is the single-use format which, thanks to the availability of professional espresso machines, makes the most of coffee pods, ensuring consistent extraction quality, while the coffee is never vulnerable to the deteriorating effects oxygen has on coffee beans.

7Gr.’s blends - Time, People and Always - are designed to achieve excellence in the cup. Each blend has a declared, identifiable DNA which is the focus of constant attention throughout the production chain; its consistency can always be checked by those who choose these products.

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