A habit, a pleasure, a ritual or a fashion, a chance for taking a break or socialising. The cultural aspect behind those 25 ml of coffee extracted into a tiny cup has certainly driven its new popularity in recent years. Something that is clearly appealing for its simple complexity and for the unique flavour, lift and energy we enjoy when we drink it.

But is there really an espresso culture? Diners often send back an undrinkable or cork-tainted wine, but how many people send a burned or otherwise low-quality espresso back to the barista?

We believe that, transcending the ritual and setting aside the fads and glamour associated with espresso, its consumers should be aware of its many qualities so that it may reveal itself in all its richness and be fully appreciated for its flavour, aromatic profile and the quality of its preparation.

An awareness to be cultivated through a path of information, knowledge and opinions, shared with true espresso lovers.

7Gr. is in fact a system of competencies, the most important of which, and considered strategic to its mission, is the competency of its consumers.


This why we ideally reverse the usual industrial process: we consider the moment an espresso is drunk as our starting point, where the quality of each stage is measured through the coffee drinker’s judgement.

In describing this process we’ll give the plain facts, we’ll reveal old wives’ tales for what they are and we’ll stick to meaningful language.

"Espresso Lovers"

espresso lovers2_M

7Gr. wants to engage with its consumers in their capacity as “patrons” who are espresso experts. In a market that is full of “quality claims” based on experience and tradition, we prefer knowledge as an aid to a relationship that centres around a continuous exchange of competencies, not one that is dominated by the seller. The only way a company can define a process of contin...


Training and Support

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A coffee blend is not a finished product, even when it is made up of the finest beans. There are many important steps involved in preparing an espresso and any of them may profoundly influence the result. Giving importance to an espresso culture also involves awakening consumers to the fundamental criteria that determine an espresso’s quality. However, besides the rules gove...




After oil, coffee constitutes the world’s second-biggest export market. There is a vast range of espresso coffees on sale in supermarkets, specialised stores, through the Internet and even from vending machines. 7Gr. retails its products exclusively through this website, thus guaranteeing hands-on commitment not only as regards the quality of its range, but also the relative ...




Packaging is a crucial process in which the fragrance of roasted beans is carefully protected so it arrives intact in the cup where it can be appreciated to full effect. Our espresso assortment offers three types of packaging: a one-kilo pack of beans, tins contain 250g of coffee beans or ground coffee or single-use filter-paper pods. During this production stage the coffee b...




Over 800 volatile aromatic compounds develop during the roasting process. These compounds determine an espresso’s flavour and aroma. Roasting is, therefore, one of the most delicate stages; on it depends the overall result of all the previous phases, from bean selection to blending. To make 7Gr. products, the various beans are roasted after blending. This latter procedure requ...




Creating a blend of coffee involves knowing everything about the sensory characteristics of beans from several different origins in order to create a harmonious mixture which gives the coffee a particular personality that the coffee drinker recognises on the nose and the palate. And that’s not all. Broadly speaking, it involves being aware that coffee is a natural product and, ...


The Beans


There are few plants in the world with such a broad variety of fruits as Coffea. More than 60 species with thousands of different beans grow in 50 coffee-growing countries spread around the planet’s tropical belt where there is a consistently temperate climate. Rain kicks off the flowering period, which lasts for two weeks, after which the fruit takes almost nine months to ripe...


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questo liquore è un esplosione di sapori, sia ghiacciato che a temperatura ambiente! con il gelato è fantastico... Sevendrops!!!
giulio  17.04.2015

Una bella scoperta anche con la Moka, buonissimo!!
marco  10.04.2015

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