Creating a blend of coffee involves knowing everything about the sensory characteristics of beans from several different origins in order to create a harmonious mixture which gives the coffee a particular personality that the coffee drinker recognises on the nose and the palate. And that’s not all. Broadly speaking, it involves being aware that coffee is a natural product and, therefore, the quality of a particular bean may vary from one harvest to the next.


It is therefore not enough to define the amount of different beans used in a blend in order to set its characteristics once and for all; the percentages of the different beans may have to be varied, or a component changed, each time the tasting of a new batch of raw coffee calls for a change.


In accordance with 7Gr.’s quality system, each shipment of raw coffee is preceded by a cupping of the bean and the coffee is brewed using an espresso machine before the shipment is accepted. Only after these stringent analyses, and only if the results meet the required quality standards, the shipment is authorised and the batch of raw coffee is transported to the processing plant.


Even if the coffee meets the required standards, sometimes its characteristics may be more or less noticeable compared to the previous shipment. Therefore the composition of the blend will be varied slightly in order to achieve consistent quality over time.


This is undoubtedly the most fascinating stage in the whole process, when the company’s ideas about the ideal espresso coffee profile are put into practice pending the (supreme) judgement of the end consumer.


There are three 7Gr. blends: a 100% Arabica, a grand cru and a decaffeinated blend.

They embody our idea of the perfect espresso, an espresso that creates a moment of pleasure, leaves a delightful taste in the mouth and makes you want to drink another to savour all its many nuances.

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