Beyond the espresso



Our view is that the espresso has everything needed to fully satisfy the drinker’s desire for coffee.


However, there are certain ingredients which can enhance some of a coffee’s qualities without overwhelming them and, therefore, without altering the blend’s sensory profile.


Our training staff will accompany anyone who wishes to set off on path of discovery of these ingredients. We must point out, however, that while 7Gr. respects the creativity of others, to us “going beyond the espresso” means concentrating primarily on coffee-serving quality and on exploring pairings that are in keeping with coffee.


Starting from the way of serving an espresso or cappuccino or other espresso-based preparation, to the choice of the accessories that best enhance the product’s aromas and “look”.


The choice of milk or chocolate (in its various forms) to broaden the beverage’s natural sensory development.


A meticulous eye for detail in the presentation of a unique expression of the manual skills of a person who dedicates their passion to espresso and its many interpretations.


No beguiling but improbable recipes or ingredients; to 7Gr., the espresso will always be the leading player, never a co-star.

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